Ok - just a quick update here on my germs.ar project. Now that I've got a basic demo version of A-frame AR working, the next step was to try and get some germ objects displaying in AR. As a quick experiment, I downloaded some OBJ files from TurboSquid, and got those set up in my file structure so that I could load them in as a-frame assets. I found models for three different types of microorganisms, but for starters I created a demo using just one model. Here's the first germ I created:

With a little javascript, I was able to get an array of germs displaying:

I'm going to need to play with the scale a bit more to get these showing up tiny like I envisioned but for now, this is a good start. Also I may need to do some editing on the obj file - there are some weird artifacts that seem to be displaying along with the primary model. Still, a step in the right direction!