This post is an update on the Germs.AR project I've been working on: Original PostGerms.AR update 1

Super stoked on the progress I've made since my last post... Things are really coming along.

Latest version of the working code is live here. Be warned - It's really slow to load! (Probably because of the complex obj assets - will need to do some further optimization soon). If you are going to play with the demo, you'll want to use Safari (if on Iphone - as of this writing, chrome throws an error. I'm told it should be fixed in iOS 11.3). You'll also need to pull up the hiro marker on another screen or print it out.

  • I've integrated multiple .obj files now, so there are multiple types of microorganisms augmenting my reality. In the process I've realized that it's much more efficient for me to be running the code with atom live server and the marker displayed on my phone than committing changes to github each time to view the update through my iphone. (Please forgive me looking dead in the face - it's hard to screenshot, smile, and hold a phone at the same time!)

  • I've integrated a custom A-frame random color component to use during testing. It looks like a party now!

  • I've integrated a custom random walk A-frame component that has all the microorganisms moving around!

Here's a preview of what the HTML file looks like. Most of the "good stuff" is in the Javascript at the bottom.

Bonus: I've seen some strange behavior that occur when the Hiro Marker leaves the view of the camera... Here's an example:

I guess something in my room looks like a hiro-marker!