I've got a new idea that I've been cooking up.

It all stems from a workshop I took a while back at Gray Area on web VR. In the workshop I was learning how to use A-Frame, a web VR framework developed by Mozilla. A-Frame is pretty awesome to use because it's HTML based so it's really easy to get up and running with it. It uses an HTML entity-aspect model (which was new for me), but is pretty simple to get a hang of once you wrap your head around it. This isn't meant to be a post about how to code in A-frame, but as an example, creating a red box might look something like this:

<a-box position="4 1 1" material="color:red;"></a-box>

Anyways, at the time I didn't really know what I wanted to do with VR, I just though it would be a cool thing to learn about. I had started experimenting around with some A-frame projects after I finished but making a weird vaporwave environment with some floating animals and Prince's Purple Rain playing was about as far as I got.


Fast forward a few months, I'm back from circumnavigating the globe, and I learn that now you can use A-frame for web ar. HOLY SHIT. I have to do something with this. (P.S. if you want to do something with it... Here is a good place to start.)

So I got an idea. And did what any normal person would do... Texted my friend about it:

And after some initial experimenting...


This is the start of big things to come...