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API Inspect / Discover

API Inspect / Discover helps enterprise security teams monitor and secure their API ecosystem by performing continuous auditing and security analysis across multiple environments and aggregating the results into actionable security insights.

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API Awards

Since the product launched in October 2018, my design and frontend engineering contributions have helped Data Theorem evolve API Inspect / Discover from a proof of concept into an award-winning $100k/yr enterprise SaaS product with growing sales and customer base.

Some of my contributions to this ongoing project:

  • Formative user research, visual design, and product definition
  • UX design for multiple released versions of core features such as the product dashboard, security policy, security results, asset inventory, self-service onboarding, cloud integrations, and more
  • Frontend development of select iterations of the above features
  • Content strategy and copywriting on many of the above features
  • Usability testing and evaluation on many of the above features

Full Case Study 🔒

If you'd like to see the full case study please reach out to me directly.

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