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In Short

I've been working independently on a series of experiments with emojis and computer vision - for now I'm calling this project emojiCV. The code is available on GitHub.


Build 1

For the first build, I was focused on getting clmtrackr working with p5.js. This demo features realtime face tracking with some effects drawn over the face.

Build 2

Version 2 builds on the first by incorporating multiple different types of emoji to render face elements in real time.

Build 3

Version 3 achieves a mask-like effect by tracing the outline of the face in addition to emojis that track facial features.

Build 4

Version 4 incorporates real-time emotion tracking. The relative strength detected for each emotion determines the size at which it's displayed.

Build 5

Version 5 builds on the last by using data from the emotion tracker to render the dominant emotion over various face components in real time.

Build 6

Version 6 creates a circular frame effect of reactive emoji's surrounding the face

Build 7

Version 7 features a halo of emoji around the head and a stream of recent emotions that pours from the mouth when open.

Build 8

In version 8, I've built on the code to generate emojis that float around the screen when the mouth opens, based on the current dominant emotion.

Build 9

Version 9 features a large emoji that covers the face and updates with the current dominant emotion.

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