About Me

I'm a Product Designer and a Frontend Engineer

I've always been interested in intersections between disciplines, which is why I only have 'and' degrees: MS Human Centered Design and Engineering, BA Behavioral Science and Psychology.

As a virtue of my background I'm able to work fluidly across disciplines and mindsets, bringing a multi-faceted approach to the design and development of products and experiences.

In my free time, I climb mountains, jump out of airplanes, travel the world, play guitar, and make digital art.

I like new people and interesting conversations, and I'm always happy to exchange ideas, talk about new opportunities, or just meet a cool human.

My Skillset


User Research, Interaction Design, Wireframing, Prototyping, Usability Research, Interface Design, Information Visualization, Design Systems


HTML/CSS, Javascript (ES6), React, Redux, Redux-Saga, Reselect, Flow, Enzyme, Jest, React Testing Library, Material-UI, JSS, Wordpress, Git


Empathy, Paper/Pencil, Figma, Adobe Suite, Sketch, Framer, Tableau, Atlassian Suite, Google Office, Microsoft Office, Whatever It Takes

Spencer James, Product Designer - Silicon Valley, CA

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